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Expert help dealing with wasps

During the spring and early summer, wasp activity gets underway with nests being built in gardens and homes. Loft spaces are a particular attraction.  As nest sizes reach their peak, wasps become more aggressive and prone to sting both adults and children. Whether it’s your home, or work place,or garden Brent Direct can undertake effective measures to resolve the problem.

Effective wasp control solutions

Our team of experienced professionals can remove a wasp nest safely from your domestic or commercial property to keep you and your staff  safe from the threat of stings. We offer highly effective solutions with a guarantee of no further activity from the treated nest.


Wasp treatment and detection

  • Injection of Insecticidal dust into the nest and surounding surfaces.
  • Checks to identify active nests.
  • Provision of guidance to reduce the likelihood of stings.

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At Brent Direct, we provide bee and wasp removal services for both domestic and commercial customers. Contact us for wasp nest treatment services across Central and Greater London. We offer an honest and reliable service at all times.
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