Cockroach eradication and prevention services for London and the surrounding areas 

With our cockroach eradication services, we can eliminate problems and help reduce the risk of re-infestation.
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Discreet treatments

Cockroaches are usually more active at night. If there are no precautions taken, they can multiply incredibly fast. We can provide you with quick and discreet cockroach treatment and prevention services. Our pest control specialists will survey your property and implement the necessary treatment. We will also advise on how to protect your living or working environment from future problems.

Cockroach control solutions

Cockroaches breed at an alarming rate and need to be dealt with immediately. They cause diseases such as dysentery, gastroenteritis and food poisoning. They can also cause allergic reactions especially amongst asthma sufferers. Gel applications and residual treatments are used to carry out a quick and efficient eradication programme.

Effective ways to help prevent cockroaches

  • Clear food that is sitting on counters
  • Store food in tightly sealed containers
  • Remove rubbish and food waste regularly
  • Declutter your cupboards
  • Seal cracks in walls, under kitchen sinks and bathroom cabinets

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Have you noticed cockroach droppings? Choose the professionals at Brent Direct to locate the cockroach infestation at your property. Contact us for control, management and pest prevention strategies.
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